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The bad news when it comes to car insurance rates the last few years is premiums have gone up. The good news is there are common sense steps you can take to save money on car insurance. When you start the process of buying a policy, you’re essentially looking for the same things. You need a good policy at the lowest possible price. Often times price is given too much consideration, and we should spend the same time and energy making sure we get the plan that properly protects us.

At Allied Insurance, we understand your needs well and are committed to helping you get superior coverage at the cheapest possible price. See for yourself with a free quote check up online. If you prefer to call, we have friendly representatives standing by seven days a week that can give you a fast, free phone quote. Let’s dig a little deeper into some proven tips that will help you save more on automobile insurance.

  1. Bundle Homeowners and Car Insurance Policies together.

You can get an instant discount with Allied Insurance Company of up to 15% just by combining your home and vehicle policies together. Bundling is a great way to save money on insurance and making your life just a little more convenient. Think about the upside of bundling for a minute. You can combine your separate policies into one bill and get a discount for doing it. This is a tip more people should take advantage of. Check out the new Allied Insurance website and learn more about how you can save with a money-saving bundled plan.

  1. Use Every Discount you Qualify for

The insurance business is one of the most competitive industries around. Customers want a cheap rate and are always shopping for the cheapest insurer. One smart way to lower your cost of automobile insurance is to apply for discounts. There are so many cost-saving programs available that chances are you will qualify for at least one and maybe several.

Here are a few of the most common ones.

* Safe Driver

If you’re a safe driver that has been in no at-fault accidents over the past three years and have a spotless DMV record, you can get discounted rates that can save you up to 20%. If you have a ticket on your driving record, get it removed as soon as possible so you can qualify when your policy expires.

* Senior Citizen Discount

There are so many discounts available to seniors these days including car insurance. If you are over 60 and have a good driving record, you can save about 10%.

* Low Mileage Discounts

If you don’t drive too much, that can be a good thing. Drivers who put less than 1,000 on the odometer each month can save between 5% and 10%. This is a good way to save if you have a second car that’s not used too much.

* Good Credit

Having good credit can be a great thing when it comes to lowering your car insurance premiums. If you have a rating score above 700, you can save ten percent and more.

These an only a few samples of ways to save with discounts. Check Allied Auto Insurance online for more discounted plans that will lower your rates.

  1. Raise your deductible

One super easy was to save on vehicle coverage is raising up your deductible. A normal policy will have several coverage options, including selective amounts of $250 – $500 and on up to $1,000. The higher your deductible amount, the cheaper your premiums will be. You can literally save 15% monthly on coverage with this strategy.

So if you decide on a $1,000 deductible and realize savings of 15% or more, you could then be able to buy greater levels of protection with the money saved. If you are looking for better coverage on a small budget, this is a smart route to go. Remember, though, in case you do get into a crash; you need to put aside the full amount of the ins deductible.

  1. Pay your policy up front

If you’ve got the savings, a simple way to get 3% to 5% off your auto insurance bill is to pay your whole car ins premium in 1 lump sum. Many auto insurers also charge processing bill fees if you pay monthly, that typically cost about $6-$8.

This doesn’t sound like much, but over 2 or 3 years it can add up to hundreds. Another thing that’s good about paying your premiums in full is you don’t have to worry about paying the bill for an entire year, which reduces stress and gives you just a little more free time.

Shop now for the best auto insurance online at Allied Insurance. Our customers save on average about $500 per year, and you might be able to save a lot more. Go online now and take advantage of this money saving tips and get your custom quote for yourself. See how easy it is to save money on car insurance online today.

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