In general, there are two basic types of motorist. The first can be called “low risk” and these are of course safer drivers. The second are classified as “high risk.”  As the name implies, the driving record of high risk motorist is often blemished with numerous citations and even DUIs. These drivers take huge risks on the road that often lead to expensive accidents. This is why high risk car insurance costs so much more. There are several factors that play into this. Here are a few of the most common:


*  If you are a new driver

*  If you are a young driver between 16 and 25

*  Your credit rating is bad

*  You have had multiple at-fault accidents

*  Your license has been suspended

*  You have more than two reckless driving tickets on your DMV record

*  You have been convicted of a DUI

Many people that are tagged by insurers as “high risk” find that getting covered is just too expensive. These drivers can often pay double or more for a simple policy, which puts it financially out of reach for many. Some elect to drive without any coverage, which is a huge gamble. One accident can cause hundreds of thousands in liable costs, so it is just not worth the risk. If caught behind the wheel without a license, you could have your license suspended for up to 1 year. If you cannot afford to buy auto insurance then don’t drive, it’s just that simple.


There are some strategies you can implement that will get you cheaper coverage, even if you have a bad record. Here are a few tips that can be used.


  1. Shop around

Many insurers do not cover high-risk motorist. Don’t let this frustrate you. Keep shopping around and get at least 5 quotes from companies that specialize in this type of coverage. There are many direct insurers like Allied Insurance Company that will get you covered for less. Once you have a pool of five quotes, select the best price. Make sure you are getting a good policy and not “short changing” yourself on coverage. In short, shopping around can save you 30% or more, so do it.


  1. You can Still get a good policy at an Affordable Rate

Even though you might feel hopeless now that you are tagged as high risk,” don’t give up. There are things you can do to get an affordable insurance plan. Set your deductible high and that will save you 10% or more right away. Another tip is to get all the discounts you can. This means military, teacher, and even student. Another solid tip is to buy direct. Web-based insurers like have rates that are hundreds less than most brokers.


  1. Work to get become a Safe Driver

Just because you are a riskier driver today does not mean you can’t work to fix some issues and become a safe driver. Be proactive and take calculated steps to solve your issues. If you have poor credit then work on raising your score. This means paying outstanding debts that are still on your credit report and paying your bills on-time, every time. If you have several outstanding tickets, go and see the judge face to face and outline a plan. This could mean paying them off and going to traffic school, but the “bottom line” is you want to get all the tickets off of your DMV record. Another smart tip is to take a certified safe driver class. These certified programs can save you up to 10% on coverage and will make you a far better driver. Once your profile is cleaned up, you can again be classified as a safe driver and get cheaper auto insurance coverage.


*  An important tip to remember:  An SR-22 is not an Insurance Policy
Many consumers that have a poor DMV record think getting a SR-22 is securing a policy. This is not true. A SR22 is a form filed by an insurer with the state you drive in that demonstrates a person has met certain minimum requirements for financial responsibility. Normally, this document is required after a person has received several reckless driving violations or even DUIs. If a court requires you to get this documentation, then you need to be matched with a company that offers this type of policy. Go online now and get high risk car insurance for less at allied insurance.