Drivers nationwide have become increasingly aware of the cost of auto insurance and very few people ever purchase auto insurance without comparing multiple providers. However before selecting a provider one of the most common questions is “who are the best-rated auto insurance companies.” The answer to this question is not easy however since there are many variables which make different insurers popular with different people.

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Choosing an auto insurance company means finding the best provider for your unique needs. This involves analyzing the different advantages of choosing one auto insurance company over another including such items as customer service, online account management tools, the cost of premiums, claims handling, policy coverage and more. Most drivers have a wealth of options to choose from and even the best-rated auto insurance companies can have downfalls depending on your unique needs. Instead of listing the best-rated auto insurance companies it is important to define your needs and choose the best overall provider for your situation rather than what a survey describes as test insurance company. At the end of the day you need an auto insurance company who has your back in the event of a car accident and not somebody who wins a survey from 500 people who have never filed a claim.

Customer Satisfaction

Auto Insurance companies continue to develop new ways to provide quality service to consumers. Before 2009, this investment paid off with car insurance customers experiencing high satisfaction with their insurance companies. However, according to the J.D. Power and Associates U.S. national auto insurance study, customer satisfaction had declined substantially in 2010. On a 1,000 point scale, the study showed an overall satisfaction average of 777 out of 1,000 points from customers, which decreased by 10 points from the 2009 study. The study found a significant increase in consumers who reported rising premiums, at 22 percent for 2010, compared to 17 percent for 2009. Additionally, the majority of the customers did not receive any notice of the rate change from their insurance company.

Best Rated Car Insurance Companies
While there are many different ways to define the best-rated auto insurance companies, there are some reports which can provide guidance – especially helping you find auto insurance companies you may not have heard about before. In the 2010 National Auto Insurance Study by J.D Powers and Associates the best-rated car insurance companies including Allied Insurance, Good to go insurance, Rodney D Young, Praetorian Auto Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance and more. The downfall with reports like this, however, are they often limited to a small sample of overall drivers, and many smaller regional providers were not rated due to their size.

How to find Best Auto Insurance Company for You
This question should be the goal of anybody shopping for auto insurance and not chase down the best-rated car insurance company according to some list. There are many well-rated auto insurance companies nationwide, and while industry ratings certainly provide some encouragement in choosing a provider, these have also been known to be wrong many times over. You need to find an auto insurance company who provides the coverage you need, the customer service you expect and affordable premiums. In fact, the choices of reliable and affordable car insurance providers go great many time it simply comes down to a personal choice.

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