Auto Insurance for Less

Lately, there have been so many ads claiming $40 a month and even $29 for monthly automobile insurance. The question most people always ask, is that even possible? Who are the customers that get those low rates or is it even true? Based on recent data from a consumer reporting agency, extensive research was done on more than 50,000 quotations to see if these low rates were even attainable. The answer is it is possible to get coverage for as cheap as $39 a month, but it comes with lots of caveats. Let’s check some of the main factors that will help you get auto insurance for less and keep more of your hard-earned money. Get instant free quotes at Allied insurance and qualify for extra money saving discounts on-line today.

Buy the Minimum Liability Car Insurance
You might not be shocked to learn that the cheapest rates come with basic and limited coverage. To get $50 or less monthly automobile ins, you need to buy the “no frills” minimum auto liability ins. This means getting 25/50 coverage that meets your state’s mandatory minimums. You also won’t be getting a collision or comprehensive vehicle ins plan, which would push your premiums up a lot. If you have received quotes in the past that were $100 a month or more, then check out these tips that might get you cheaper rates.

Tips on Getting Auto Insurance for Less than $50 a Month

* Get Coverage for 1 Car

While you can get discounted rates on bundling your cars together, studies have found the lowest rates come from insuring just one vehicle. Hold off on a multi-car ins policy and focus on finding the lowest rate for one car.

* Own your Car

Studies have shown that the best rates come from people who own their vehicles. If you finance or lease your vehicle, you will inevitably be forced to by more expensive collision and even comprehensive insurance. When you have ownership of your automobile, you have total control of the insurance type and limits you want to get. This is yet another reason why staying out of debt is so smart, so pay off that car loan as fast as possible so you can save on your coverage.

* Do Not let your Coverage Lapse

Insurance providers look at customers who have lapses in coverage as riskier. Often people get their insurance canceled due to unpaid premiums or even worse, cancel their insurance and then drive unlawfully uninsured. Having continual auto insurance shows, you are a responsible driver, a good customer and will help you get insured for less than $50 a month.

* Do not get an SR-22 form.

If you have had severe driving infractions, you may be required to get an SR 22 insurance form. This includes driving while intoxicated or multiple reckless driving tickets. Being forced to carry an SR22 will mark you as a risky driver and cause a spike in your premiums.

* Maintain a Clean Driving Record

It is really important to keep a spotless DMV record if you want to get the lowest car insurance prices. This also means not having your driver’s license suspended and outstanding tickets. If you do have one or more tickets, go to court and pay them right away or ask the judge if you can get them cleared by going to a certified driving school.

* Don’t get into any Accidents

If you are a safe driver and prove it by not getting into any accidents, you can qualify for very cheap auto insurance. This also includes not filing careless claims like hitting a pole or backing into your garage wall. Stay claim free and get cheaper car insurance.

* Live in a Rural Area

Studies show that people who live in densely populated urban areas get in more crashes and are more likely to have their vehicle stolen or vandalized. As a result, insurers charge more for city drivers. To improve your chance of getting $50 monthly auto insurance or less, consider moving to a rural area with less traffic congestion. This alone could save you 10% or more.

* Maintain a high credit score over 700

These days insurers are placing greater weight on a person credit rating. This might not seem relevant, but numerous studies correlate higher credit scores with safer drivers. People that are more responsible with their money tend to be more careful drivers and get in fewer accidents. Get your credit rating over 700 and get lower premiums.

Find the Best Car Insurance Deals Online

Now that you know the secrets to getting auto insurance for less, it is time to compare real quotes. By far, the first place you should go is online to start out. Web-based quotes are fast, and you can stay anonymous in the comfort of your home. At sites like Allied insurance, you can rate shop up to 10 quotes in about 5 minutes. All of the quotes at Allied auto insurance are direct, which means they are almost always cheaper than agents or brokers. Get started today and lower your cost of car insurance coverage.