Allied Insurance Agency

Allied Insurance Agency of America operates as a subsidiary of Allied Insurance. It offers a wide variety of insurance products for automobiles, homeowners, boats, mobile homes, personal umbrella, and earthquake. One of the major highlights of the company is its auto insurance products since customers can select any combination of coverage available. It allows for customizable policies and more efficient purchase. Coverage options are as follows.

  • Liability: both Property Damage and Bodily Injury are parts of Liability coverage. It helps cover policyholder’s expense in case the person damages someone else’s properties or injures other people in a road accident. It is mandatory in almost all states.
  • Collision: when policyholder’s car sustains damages from road accident/collision, the coverage covers the repair or replacement cost.
  • Comprehensive: it covers the cost of repair for policyholder’s car in case it sustains damages from vandalism, bad weather, or animals.
  • Uninsured Motorist: in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver, the coverage provides financial protections for policyholder’s medical treatment and car repair.
  • Underinsured Motorist: when an at-fault driver does not have enough insurance to cover policyholder’s medical cost and car repair, underinsured motorist provides financial supports.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): it defrays medical bills and lost wages as results of an accident. This coverage is mandatory in some states.
  • Medical Payment: this coverage helps cover policyholder’s medical treatments for car accident injuries regardless of who is at fault. Medical Payment is not a stand-alone health insurance.
  • Roadside Assistance: in the event of bad luck where policyholder’s car runs out of gas or has a flat tire in the middle of a trip, the coverage helps handle the problems. It is one of the optional coverage from Allied Insurance Agency.
  • Rental Reimbursement: if policyholder’s car becomes immobile after an accident, the coverage pays for the rental car.
  • Labor: this coverage reimburses the cost that policyholders pays to tow his/her car and make the car run again.

Apart from the long list of coverage options, Allied Insurance Insurance also has one of the best claim services in the country. Nine out of 10 (or about 90 percent) customers who have filed auto insurance claim would recommend the company to their family members. There are several good reasons for this:

  1. Allied Insurance Agency provides written guarantee on repairs. As long as policyholders repair their cars at one of the company-approved Auto Repair Shop, they receive a written guarantee as long as they own or lease the cars.
  1. All members of the company-approved auto repair shops network have the reputations for a high level of services. Customers feel better because they know their cars are in good hands. Every shop has undergone selection process by Allied Insurance Agency.


Policyholders have many portals to file a claim such as online, phone, or through an agent. The company also offers a mobile app which includes toolkits for customers to start the claim process.

In addition to customizable policies and high-quality auto repair shops network, Allied Insurance Agency of America offers plenty of discounts as well.

  • Paperless Documents: Customers who sign up for coverage and choose to go paperless (with electronic documents) are eligible. Electronic payment method is part of this discount, and that is why the company offers Easy Pay sign up program.
  • Multi-Policy: policyholders who bundle their coverage packages for examples automobiles and homes can save a considerable amount of money from multi-policy discount.
  • Allied Family Plan: Allied allows a subscriber to share the discount with another family member. For example, if one receives the multi-policy discount, another driver in the same household gets the same benefits, too.
  • Good Student: a teenage driver who gets good grades at school (B average or above) is eligible for the discount. Good student discount is not part of Allied Family Plan, so it still applies whether or not a policyholder is eligible for the Family Plan benefit.
  • Driver Safety Course: a completion of company-approved driver safety course is the only requirement to be eligible for this discount. In some states, a driver may need to be at least 55 years old.
  • SmartRide: to be eligible for this discount, a policyholder must install a small device which tracks safety behaviors on the road. The device is available from the company. Drivers who fall under safe driver category receive the benefits.
  • Accident-Free: a clean record without involvement in major accidents or traffic violations for at least five years brings the opportunity to get cheaper auto insurance rate from the company.
  • Anti-theft: policyholders who install safety devices on their vehicles are eligible for anti-theft discount. It encourages drivers to stay safe inside the car and avoid great financial loss outside the car.
  • Affinity: if a policyholder is a member of a partner organization, the company offers more affordable premium rate.


To help keep the cost even lower, Allied Insurance Agency has two more options for policyholders to use. First is the accident forgiveness coverage. This optional purchase waives policyholder’s first at-fault accident record. With this option, the company will not surcharge the premium rate. Another one is Vanishing Deductible with which the company rewards policyholder as much as $100 each year (for a maximum of 5 years or $500) as long as the person keeps a clean record.

Both Allied Insurance Agency of America and Allied Insurance are parts of the big Allied family. It consists of numerous financial services and insurance companies all around the United States. Other than insurance, Allied also offers more products such as asset management and strategic investments.