Allied Auto Insurance

Allied Auto Insurance
Almost every insurer these days claim they have the cheapest rates. Some use cute cartoons and animals as advertising mascots, trying to cause an emotional connection with consumers. Other companies promise to save 15% if someone just switches over. The reality is, rates have been etching up the last couple of years due to an increase in accidents and customer acquisition marketing costs. The largest insurers, Geico and Allstate, have in fact quietly raised premiums in the past 6 months. The good news about lowering insurance costs is not only possible but easy with auto insurance discounts from Allied auto insurance. Get quoted in about five minutes and review several plans online from Allied insurance easy to use website.

How to get Lower Allied Auto Insurance Rates

The fastest way to get cheaper automobile ins is by going online and comparing rates. While that sounds easy, you need to go to a site that will display at least 5 quotes from leading insurers. At Allied Auto Insurance, you can do comparison shopping with all the nations largest companies and even buy a policy online. The on-line website has helped thousands of customers lower their insurance bill by an average of 45%. The site is also a helpful resource for consumers to learn about the various types of coverage, in addition to helpful tips on saving money. Get your free car ins quote with Allied Auto Insurance today. Here are some great tips on how to get a better price on your automobile insurance.

* Complete a Driver Safety Course
Most people never associate a driver safety class with cheaper car ins. The truth is there are numerous benefits for taking these classes, which includes big savings on vehicle premiums. The main benefit is most insurers will offer instant discounts of about 10%, just by showing proof of completing a driver safety class. While this might not sound like much, over the course of three years, you could save about $500. Claim your discount over the web with Allied Insurance now. The more important reason why it is smart to take these classes is because it can save your life. Experienced instructors teach these classes, often retired highway patrol officers, who have seen numerous accidents first hand. They teach defensive driving which helps you stay safe on the road with proven techniques.

If you are a teenage driver with little or no driving experience, these classes will teach you safe driving skills that could last a lifetime. Teens can also get discounts up to 15% off their car ins policy by getting certified. Teenage insurance rates have been soaring in recent years, due to a big increase in cell phone based accidents. Insurers have raised premiums to keep up with the cost of insuring these risky young drivers. Get a young driver insurance quote at Allied Auto insurance for free in only five short minutes.

Due to the success of defensive driver classes, 15 states in recent years have mandated this important education. Here is the current list of states:

NV, NJ, TX, VA, OK, OR, NY, IA, NB, NM, NC, IL, LA, MS, and KS. Defensive driver courses teach a wide range of topics. Some important ones are how to drive in severe weather like snow, ice, and rain. Having this valuable information could save your life. Most classes also teach about the ills of drunk driving and driving while sleepy. You can get more information about classes near you, by checking your local DMV. The courses are usually under $100, and you will get that money back in insurance discounts in just a few months. If you have several people on your policy, require everyone to complete a class and get your rate lowered even more.

Allied Auto Insurance Discounts for Good Students

Are you an awesome student who considers a B a failing grade? If so, then you can qualify for great car insurance discounts. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must be under 25 years of age and actively enrolled in a high school or college. You can get up to a 10% discount by maintaining a B or higher GPA (grade point average) or demonstrate you are on the honor roll or dean’s list. Get a good student auto ins discount with Allied Insurance. To get this discount, email a current transcript to your insurer or an official letter by a school or college administrator that verifies your academic status. If a student is home schooled, standard tests can be submitted, along with recent scores for the SAT and ACT tests. At Allied Insurance, good students are recognized with instant savings of 10%.

Good Driver Discounts
The cleaner your driving record is, the lower your rates will be. Insurer’s base prices they charge consumers on the perceived risk they pose. Your driving history is a record of your driving behavior. If you have never been in any at-fault accidents, expect to get better rates. However, if you have had previous violations like a DUI or more than 1 at-fault crash, you may end up paying a lot more to get insured. If you have had difficulty getting insured in the past due to your record, let Allied Insurance find you coverage at fair prices. If you have several points on file, make a conscious effort to change your driving behavior and obey all traffic laws. After about three years, you might get your record cleaned and you can then apply for cheaper insurance with our company.

Other Available Discounts

* Teachers
Some insurers have special discounts for active teachers.

* Veterans
Many insurance companies give great rates to active and retired military service members.

* Anti-Theft Devices
If you have installed theft equipment, such as a “lo-jack” device, you could qualify for a small discount, often about 5%.
Check all the discounts you qualify for at Allied Auto Insurance. The website offers no-obligation quotes and real-time price updates. Most customers save about $500 with Allied Auto Insurance online. Get your rate quote today and start lowering your insurance costs.