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Just a few minutes of your time can get you a quality policy from Allied insurance that is hundreds less than most other direct providers. Even though the recent recession seems to be over, many people are still recovering financially, while others are looking for ways to save money on anything they can. If you have an automobile or are getting ready to buy one, you need to get affordable auto insurance so that you can keep much more of your hard earned money. Shopping alliedinsurance does not need to be a hassle. In fact, you do not even have to make a call, and you can compare rates anytime, day or night at Allied’s insurance website. See for yourself with a fast, free online quote.

Get an Allied Car Insurance Policy for Less

Buying auto insurance is sort of like the purchase of a car. You need to select the coverage that is right for you and add on all the “bells and whistles” that you want later on. Some people are only looking to buy the cheapest commute automobile they can find, and this is also true for many consumers on a budget looking for insurance. They are forced, due to budgetary realities, to get the lowest possible legal coverage and hope they do not get into any crashes.

In every state in the U.S.A, a minimum amount of coverage will be required for your vehicle to be in compliance. Each state has insurance departments that set the rules on minimums, so you should be aware of these limits in the state you reside. The most basic kind of automobile policy you can buy is liability insurance. This type of car insurance is often referred to as “bare bones,” because as the name implies, it has a narrow coverage and often is just the state’s minimal amount of required insurance. Most people that get liability insurance have used vehicles that are not worth too much and take the risk that an expensive at-fault accident will not happen to them. At the company, we have great low rates on liability ins from $29 a month. With rates like that, almost anyone can get their car insured for less. Get quoted on-line and see the low prices for yourself today.

Get your Proof of Car Insurance Online

Getting your proof of auto insurance is easy. You will be given a certified insurance I.D. card, and the good news is you can print it out online in the comfort of your home. Once the carrier binds your policy, your insurance identification card becomes valid for the term you select. This could be for a 6 or 12-month period. Once you have the ID card in your custody, make sure you put it in a safe and secure place in your vehicle. You will need your Allied insurance I.D. card in the event you are pulled over by a police officer or get into an accident. This card will contain key information including:

* Policyholders name & Current Address
* Renewal dates on the Policy
* The name of the Insurance Company
* Policy Number

An ins identification card is given for each policy, whether it is liability only or comprehensive insurance. If your vehicle is currently in storage, you may not need to print out or have an I.D. mailed to you, until you plan on using the automobile again. Get your alliedinsurance quote online and see the price difference for yourself.


Getting cheap car insurance is a buzz word that is not fully understood. Car insurance is not like going to a gas station and getting the cheapest unleaded gasoline. There are so many variables in play when it comes to insurance pricing that plays a large role in rates. Auto insurers use complex formulas to calculate a person’s cost of insuring vehicles, and prices can vary by a lot. Some of the key factors used to base ins premiums are:

* The age of the Primary Driver
Alliedinsurance has some of the best car insurance rates in the U.S. for young drivers, but for those aged 18 to 25, premiums will still be higher than more experienced motorist. This group of drivers just get into more accidents, due to high-risk driving and more frequent at-fault collisions. Get good grades in school and take a certified safe driver course and you can save 10% instantly.

* The Model and Year of your Car
A huge part of coverage pricing is the vehicle you drive, model and year. At the company, we have great rates for all types of vehicles, even sports cars. Get your quick quote on your new or used car at Allied insurance online and save hundreds.

* Your Driving Record and Experience
If you have more than ten years of driving experience and a clean record, you can get super low rates. Maintaining a clean record with no, or fewer than three tickets, is an important factor in getting cheap car ins. Never operate a vehicle if you are intoxicated, observe and obey all traffic laws, so you do not get cited and pay more for insurance.

Get Insurance Estimates Online

We have innovative new features that allow anyone to get an estimate in just seconds. All you need to do is enter your zip code where you reside, your age and car model. You will receive a fast estimation almost instantly. The entire process only takes about 10 seconds. If you want to get a complete quote, then you can continue and use the information from your estimate, which is already saved, so you do not have to type it in again. This is yet another service that sets Allied insurance company apart from the competition. Get started now with a fast estimate or a full quote and compare direct internet insurance pricing on-line.

Insurance Discounts

A great way to save money on insurance is to bundle all your automobiles together under one insurance policy. You can save up to 20% just by bundling alone. This will also make your life a heck of a lot easier only having one monthly bill to deal with. If you are a homeowner, you can save thousands by combining your home coverage and autos onto one umbrella policy. Allied home insurance is cheap and comes with all of the exceptional services as the auto insurance division. Get a home and auto-bundled quote online today and see for yourself the money you can save.

If you are a young driver and get good grades in school, you can save ten percent if you have a b or above grade average. There are also discounts available for active or retired military members and even teachers. Get a quote right away and check out all of the discounts you qualify for.

Superior Customer Service Advantage

We know that you have numerous choices for buying auto and home insurance. This is why Allied insurance employees work so hard at providing exceptional customer service. Each call or email that is received is treated with the utmost respect, and all team members work hard to solve each issue, no matter how small it is. We also have staff on hand day and night to answer your questions. With some of the best insurance professionals in the industry, you will get unbiased advice on any insurance concern you have. If there is an unresolved problem, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our reps at your convenience. Our mission is to provide quality insurance with the best customer service in the industry.

Allied Website

The newly renovated website provides super fast quotes in as little as 4 minutes. You can also compare quotes from other top carriers right beside Allied’s rates. Get started on your ins application anytime day or night and go back and finish it at your convenience. We want to make shopping for auto insurance fun and easy, and that’s the goal of the new and improved site. Claim tracking is also available anytime, along with direct bill payment options and I.D cards can be printed out, all online. Check out the new site for yourself and get a quick, no-obligation quote today.

Why Allied Auto Insurance is the Best

Car insurance is something we all need because it is simply the law. Automobile coverage provides financial protection and compensation in the event you get into a vehicle accident. With repair and medical costs surging, having the proper amount of auto ins protection is more important than ever. Allied Auto Insurance is the best coverage on the market because it covers you better than the competitors at a cheaper rate. Allied provides direct, web-based rates that cut out expensive brokers and we pass those savings along to the customer. Many people report saving $600 or more just by switching over. Another reason to get Allied is the financial backing that allows claims to be paid out in full and on time. See the Allied advantage for yourself with a free online quote.

High-Risk Automobile Insurance Plans

As the saying goes, bad things do happen to good people. This includes mistakes while driving that get good drivers tagged as high risk. Allied car insurance offers high-risk plans at very attractive rates. Chances are you will not get turned down, even if you have had a past DUI conviction. If you need a fresh start, then start by getting a custom quote online. Once your driving record is cleaned up, we will also lower your rates so that you can save more of your hard-earned cash.

Insurance Coverage

At Allied Insurance Co, there are multiple plans to choose from. If you need liability only coverage, you can get covered at monthly rates as low as $30. There is also collision, comprehensive and umbrella policies that can cover you personally and also

your business. Each ins type covers you with several limit options that you can adjust at any time. We have plans that work within anyone’s budget, and you can upgrade your coverage for free anytime you need to. Get started with a complimentary quote and see how easy getting quality coverage for less can be.

Insurance Claims

Statistics show that almost everyone will get into a bad accident at some point in their lives. This is why having quality auto insurance protection is a must. You also need to do business with an insurer that will pay your claim in full and on time. At the company, we pride ourselves in providing some of the fastest claim processing in the business, all with the friendly service we are famous for. You can call or email a claim representative anytime, and you will get immediate assistance. Once your claim is filed, you can keep track of it online and send in any requests you might have. You will also get helpful advice on the best repair shops in your area and a free rental car while your vehicle is in the shop. All told, you will be happy you chose Alliedinsurance if you ever get into an accident and need to file a claim.

Get a Direct Insurance Quote and Save Hundreds

The company has a long and proud tradition of excellence. Having been in business for decades, we owe our success to our valued customers. If you are looking for a new insurer, try us first. See how easy it is to get cheaper direct rates over the web. Apply for a quick quote, and you will be glad you did. See why most customers stay with Allied and never change companies. Get started now, get the policy you need and most of all, the savings you deserve.